Choosing the engine (or propulsion system) for your

boat is very important. Both the weight and the

horsepower will have a major impact on the performance

of your boat. If you have a boat that’s underpowered,

the engine will work twice as hard, giving you poor


Now, we will take a look at the motors available

for boats and vessels:

Outboard motor

An outboard motor is very popular and very useful on

small boats. These motors are very light, powerful,

and extremely quiet. Normally mounted on the transom

of a boat, there are boats available that offer a

motor well or even a bracket to mount the motor to.

The entire motor will swivel about, providing easy

steering as the turning propeller pushes the stern

about. Outboard motors come in many different sizes

and the horsepower can use different types of fuel.

Stern drive

These motors are also known as I/O engines, and

normally heavier than outboard motors. Consisting

of an engine mounted inboard and a lower unit

attached to the transom, these motors offer power

and versitility. You can also tilt the motor up

and down to help provide boat trim while you cruise.


On boats that are over 26 feet in length, these

motors are very popular. Similiar to the stern drive

motor, the inboard motor is mounted inside the boat

towards the center, giving you good weight proportion.

Inboards connect directly to the transmission, then

on through the hull of the boat. Then, the shaft

is attached to a propeller which will turn and

propel the boat. The shaft is fixed and doesn’t

swivel around. Therefore, a rudder is mounted

behind the shaft and propeller to help deflect the

flow of water which provides your steering direction.

Jet drive

Jet drive propulsion systems have a big advantage –

no propeller to cause damage or injury to those in

the water, including marine life. Normally, they

are inboard engines that will take in water that

flows through a pump, powered by an impeller.

Then, the water is discharged at a very high pressure

through a nozzle that will propel the boat. To

provide steering for the boat, the nozzle will

swivel. For personal watercraft, a jet drive is

the way to go.

Keep in mind that when power isn’t being applied,

jet driven boats will lose steering, as the stream

of water that propels the boat won’t be there.

Therefore, always keep any part of your body away

from the pump intake – and never operate these types

of boats in shallow water.

The web has an incredible amount of motorcycle information online. Now you can easily find your dreamed motorcycle with the help of online search.

Online sites allow you to search according to the category, price, model, location of the auto dealers of the motorcycle and many more. It’s like bringing auto dealer at your door step you don’t have to go an search at any auto dealer for finding the motorcycle of your choice.

Before you buy a motorcycle it’s very important to make a decision about what exactly are you looking for it will save your time and energy. As there are many types of motorcycles are available. The mainly difference is in their engines and weight capacity. It’s always good to buy a heavy motorcycle.

Those who can’t afford the new motorcycle can go for used one they are always in good condition and even in used motorcycle you can find a wide range. So you can easily find motorcycle according to your choice and in your budged.

You can even find motorcycles designed for children called as mini motorcycles. If you are looking for a unique motorcycle it’s always good to buy a custom made one that is designed according to your specifications and it will be in your budget.

As compare to other powered vehicles motorcycle is a good mean of transportation. Because of the smaller engine motorcycle has a good mileage and even it’s easy for servicing. Always get insured your motorcycle from good insurance company how is specialize in motorcycle insurance and offers you a reasonable rates in the market.

Craigslist is an extensive community offering a variety of products and services as well as forums for likeminded individuals to discuss issues of importance to them and those who share opposing viewpoints to express their opinions as well. Craigslist also receives approximately four billion page views per month making it clear that there are many people who already realize the value of Craigslist. However, there are many who don’t quite understand Craigslist yet. This article will focus on answering three important questions related to Craigslist for those who do not fully understand what Craigslist is and how they can use it.

What Is Craigslist?

One of the most elementary questions many people have regarding Craigslist, is what is it? Craigslist is essentially akin to a combination of a newspaper’s classified section combined with the editorial page and a job seekers website all offered online for easy access. Craigslist is an online community which features an extensive classified section including sections for sales of a variety of products and services, sections for job advertisements and even a personals section. Additionally, Craigslist offers locations for individuals to post resumes and a discussion forum where a variety of subjects can be debated and information can be shared.

Sound confusing? It really isn’t. A quick visit to the website will make it immediately clear how much useful this online community really is to people seeking all types of information, products and services. Not only does Craigslist offer such a wealth of information but it also conveniently divides this information into geographical regions making it simple to search for products and services offered in a specific area.

How Can Craigslist Help You?

Now that you understand what Craigslist is, you may still wonder how it can help you specifically. There is no one simple answer to this question. The benefits you can gain from Craigslist will depend on what you are looking for from this community. In this section we will discuss some of the relevant uses of Craigslist for those who are seeking to purchase products or services, find a job or meet friends or romantic partners and in the following section we will discuss how Craigslist can be beneficial to a business.

There is a section on Craigslist specifically for those who are looking to purchase or sell an item. Here those who have items for sale can post an advertisement in an appropriate category and receive responses from those who are interested in this item. Additionally, there is a section for individuals who are seeking a specific item to post an advertisement specifying the item they are looking for and the price they are willing to pay for this item.

Craigslist can also be an excellent place to find a job. Craigslist offers a section for job seekers to review job advertisements as well as a section for job seekers to post their resume. One of the major advantages to searching for a job on Craigslist is it offers a variety of flexible options such as telecommute positions and contract positions as well as full time and part time employment.

Craigslist can also help individuals meet platonic or romantic friends. There is a personals section on Craigslist where individuals can post advertisements or view advertisements in search of a friend or date. As with any online dating situation, care should be taken to ensure meetings with these potential friends or dates are safe. Arranging initial meetings in public locations or bringing a trusted friend along can help to make these meetings safer.

How Can Craigslist Help Your Business?

Business owners can benefit from using Craigslist. As previously mentioned, Craigslist receives approximately four billion page views per month so advertising on Craigslist makes it easy to reach a large audience with minimal effort. Business owners can use Craigslist in a number of ways. The most obvious use is to post advertisements touting products and services offered. Another way business owners can use Craigslist is to check out competitors on Craigslist and learn more about how they are reaching potential customers.

The battle for supremacy between two stroke and four stroke quads is likely to rage on forever, except for outside factors that may end this age old debate; it is very likely that upcoming legislation could end production of two stroke engines, making it impossible to get a new two stroke quad. So if you’ve ever considered getting a two stroke quad, the clock is ticking.

Mechanically the difference between a two stroke and four stroke lies in how often the spark plugs fire. In a two stroke, it fires once with every revolution of the cam, while a four stroke only fires the plugs every other revolution of the cam. With everything being equal, a two stroke will have twice as many combustions as a four stroke, which causes it to produce much more energy with the same size engine. While this may make a two stroke sound like an obvious choice, there are several drawbacks to the design and performance characteristics of two stroke ATV engines.

The extra energy and heat produced by a two stroke requires oil to be added to the gas to keep the engine properly lubricated. Because oil is put in the combustion chamber, two stroke engines smoke a lot, which is the reason for the imminent ban on them. One side effect of the impressive power that two stroke engines produce is that the top end of the engine must be rebuilt somewhat frequently, depending on how hard the engine is pushed. Although the rebuild is not terribly expensive, it must be done periodically to avoid rebuilding the entire engine.

For many riders the constant maintenance is worth the performance they get out of their two stroke engine, but the accessibility of this power may be prohibitive for some riders, riding styles, and terrain. In order to tap into the power of a two stroke engine, you have to keep the throttle close to wide open to stay in the power band. Although some models are better than others, some stock two strokes lack real power on the low or midrange. In the hands of an experienced rider, a two stroke is an amazing machine, but in certain scenarios, you can lose all your power by making a necessary up shift or slowing down without a hard down shift. However, their explosive power makes two strokes the engine of choice for many racers, especially in racing disciplines that require frequent jumps and quick acceleration out of turns, such as Motocross.

As far as typically maintenance, most four stroke quads require relatively little attention. Spark plugs and oil changes are always necessary, but you do not need to rebuild the engine on a regular basis. However, many riders complain of the high cost of rebuilding four stroke engines when necessary, but a four stroke engine should hold up longer than a two stroke if it is rode properly. If you keep a four stroke high in the rpm range all the time, you are asking for trouble. Although four strokes do not possess the characteristic break-away acceleration of a two stroke engine, they have access to power through a larger rpm range, which eliminates the need to have the throttle wide open all the time. Access to power in the low and midrange allows for a much more leisurely riding experience, or the ability to dive into deep mud and come out the other side. Because a four stroke has power on the low end, it has a much easier time freeing itself from deep mud, while a two stroke is usually doomed if it comes to a stop in mud. Four strokes, in many cases, have a higher top speed than two strokes, but will take much longer to get to their top speed. Four strokes have improved a lot over the years, with some many dominant racing quads being propelled by four stroke engines. However, the Honda 250R, a classic two-stroke quad, is still taking podium spots over ten years after it began production.

For the most part, two stroke engines are better suited for light sport quads and four strokes, which produce most of their power on the low end, are more suited for heavier quads made for mud, rocks, and work applications. The debate between two stroke and four stroke engines is not likely to end soon, but production of two stroke engines may. If you prefer high speed, airborne, adrenaline heavy riding and you don’t mind spending some time turning a wrench, you may want to get your hand on a two stroke quad while you still can.

The first step in buying a new mower is deciding what type you need.

Walk Behind Lawn Mowers

These are good for small- to mid-sized lawn.MTD walk behind mower

Choices for Walk behind Mower>

Riding Mowers.

If  have a larger property or you just don’t want to walk, a riding lawnmower is a good choice. They ranging in size from 26″ – 66″and you can cut a lot of grass in a little time.

There are  different styles of riding mowers.

Rear engine.

Lawn tractors.john deere riding mower

Garden tractors

Zero turn mowers.

Choices for Riding Lawn Mower>

Tow Behind Mower

If  you’re mowing the fairways of a golf course or taming an overgrown field, then a tow-behind mower is a good choice. You can tow them with your existing ATV or tractor.

When it comes to small engine repair, most people are more than willing to trust the mechanic. Small gas engines seem complicated and mistakes can be costly. While it is always a good idea to trust a mechanic when you think the job is more than you can handle, there is no shame in tackling some engine repair on your own. Here are some common repairs that you can handle on your own, provided you have a decent level of DIY smarts.

First, you need to get over the fear factor. Understand that it is very difficult to completely ruin a small gas engines. Yes, it can happen, but most of the time any mistakes you make can be fixed. That should help you feel calmer.

Also, make friends with your computer. The Internet is an invaluable resource for information about fixing cars. You can find detailed instructions, with videos or step-by-step images, to help you with your small gas engine repair. Often, seeing how it is done is the first step in doing it yourself. These guides will also help you decide if this is truly something you can do on your own, or if you need professional help.

Before you begin fixing anything, you will want to have the right tools. Most of the time you will need an adjustable wrench, a variety of screwdrivers, a jack, a torque wrench, a socket and ratchet set, and pliers. If you are missing any of these tools, then you will want to pick them up before you begin. As you shop for tools, make sure they have a good grip, so look for ones with heavy, solid handles.

So, what jobs can you tackle on your own? One is replacing a broken belt. Broken not hard to replace. When inspecting your lawn mower or other small gas engine, always check the belts for signs of weir, such as cracks or looseness. Replace them when you need to. If they are loose, you might be able to get away with tightening them using a tensioner pulley rather than replacing them.
The battery is another common type of lawn equipment repair that you can, realistically, do on your own. Before replacing a battery, make sure the car does not need to be jumped. If jumping does not work, purchase a multimeter to test the battery. Or have it tested at your local auto parts store. They usually will do this for free.

Finally, while not technically engine repair, you can handle many maintenance tasks on your own. Replacing filters, spark plugs, and old oil is not hard once you learn how, and you can save a significant chunk of change doing these on your own. For other jobs, consider hiring a professional, but for these simple tasks, you can try to DIY.

Not all of us can afford a brand new 2016 ATV with all the bells and whistles.

As with motorcycles or any vehicle for recreation we sometimes have to start out with buying an older model. There’s nothing wrong with purchasing a bike or ATV.

If you are going to buy used, you should know what to look for, especially with an ATV where you know that there is a chance the previous owner might have given the ATV some serious abuse on the trails.

Before you begin to cruise the adds you have a couple of decisions to make.

  • Who is the ATV for?
  • An ATV for an young adult is made differently than one made for an adult.
  • Do you want the ATV for purely recreational purposes or use on the farm?
  • Do you want to ride off-road for leasure, race or just enjoy some leisurely off-roading with your family?
  • Do you want to use the ATV as a utility vehicle?

Where is the best place to start if you have never purchased an ATV before?

  • Check with your local dealer first.
  • You may not be able to afford one off the showroom floor, but you can still go look and pick the dealer’s brain for information.
  • At the dealership you can ‘test’ the different classes of ATVs. Sit on a few to see how they fit, each ATV will be different and you might find that some are more comfortable than others.
  • Even though you are trying newer models, there really won’t be too much of a difference between them and the older versions.

After getting all the information you can, you will have some idea of what make and model you will be looking for.

Classified ads and specialized classified magazines,  And of course the number one source for finding used vehicles is the internet. Places like eBay and Craigslist  will no doubt have a lot to offer.

The problem with that is, unless the seller is in your area, you have a long way to travel to see the ATV up close.

Ok you find the ATV you want to purchase.

  • Definitely go to check it out personally.
  • When you look at the ATV for the first time.
  • Take note of the condition of the fenders, plastic and other parts.
  • The overall appearance of the ATV will give you a good idea as to how hard the previous owner took care of his vehicle.

You should lift the front end of the ATV up to inspect the under side.

  • Closely inspect the frame for any damage.
  • Make sure there are no cracks or dents in the frame.
  • Note check for rust and cracks.
  • Check the handlebars are they loose or have any play.
  • Check each wheel. Are the bearing loose? This is a good indication of worn or bad wheel bearings.
  • Check for damaged ball joints.
  • Check the oil. Is it dark in color or dose it smelt burnt?
  • Check the air filter box and air filter.
  • Talk with the owner ask if they have any records regarding oil changes and maintenance.
  • Ask the owners if they have the owner’s manual.
  • Take the ATV for a test drive. How does it feel and sound?

Most states require a bill of sale with the VIN (vehicle identification number) on it. Whether your state requires a bill of sale or not, it is always a good idea to have one to protect both you and the former owner incase a dispute crops up. Be aware that in most cases you are buying the ATV “as is”, which means the previous owner is not responsible for any problems you might find with the vehicle after you have purchased it and brought it home.

Should you replace or repair my small gas engine carburetor?

This question is becoming more and more common. And the answer may surprise you. With the cost of labor on the rise and the cost of OME parts “in some cases” going down, often the answer is buy new.

Lets start with some common Carburetors.

Now lets look at some repair kits.

When you consider the fact that you can spend all that time and money rebuilding a carburetor and still have problems. I am more and more often recommending installing a new unit.

Labor cost.

With the cost of labor in a repair shop running from $45 to $65 an hour “and sometimes more”. You can see where replacement can cost you less then repair.

So the short answer is compare cost and shop around.